Showtime Flag Football League

Showtime Flag Football

Showtime Flag Football Rules

Captains: each team shall designate to act as team spokesperson and making decision. Only the captains may talk to official.


 The Game: team will play with 6 players you must have a least 5 players to start the game and avoid a forfeit. You will have ten minuets after the schedule start time , if you have more than one forfeit your team could be put out of the league and no refund is given.

Equipment: Showtime League will provide footballs and flags belts. No steal cleats, no hat may have a bill. No jewelry. Jersey or shirts must be long enough to tuck in pants or short enough to be above the flag belt.

The Play: Touchdown is 6pts Safety is 2pts Extra points at the five yard line is 1pt and extra point at the ten yard line is 2pts. If the defense intercepts an extra point attempt, they may return it for a score. A score equals 2 points , regardless of whether or not the attempt is for one or two points. Once you get inside the ten yard line it must be a pass to score.

Tie Breaker is 3 min  1 time outs for each team clock stop on everything after the 2min warning . if no score will go to 50 yard line and four down to score will alternate until a winner 


Mercy rule: if a team is 30 points or more ahead at the two minute warning of the second half, the game will be ruled ?over?. If a team trails by 50points or more at any time during the second half the game shall be ruled ?over?


 Start of the Game: The winner of the coin toss will have the choice to defer or receive ball. losing team chooses what side to start  at. 


 There are two 20 min halves continuous running clock. The clock will only stop for time out.

in the first half . in the second half clock stop at the two min warning. clock stop on out bound, incomplete pass, scoring drives, time outs.

Referee?s time-out

Team time out-two 20 second time outs allowed per halve

Change of possession

The official may start or the stop the clock whenever either team is trying to conserve or consume time by playing tactics that are obviously unfair.

Last 2 minutes of the second half the clock

Incomplete pass

Out-of -bound start on the snap of the ball

snap the ball long snap  or

Quarterback must be under center to get snap or shot gun snap

Between the legs

 First Downs There are 4 downs to advance the ball to the next zone. Zone line are 30 yards

Line of scrimmage : offense needs 3 players on the scrimmage line

Neutral Zone 1 yard wide

Passing all players are eligible to pass or catch

A backward pass or fumble that hits the ground is ruled Dead at the spot of where it hit the ground. If the quarter back fumble the ball on the snap the ball is live only the QB can go for the ball.  The Defense have to go for the flags only. You can forward Pass as many time as you want before you pass the line of Scrimmage. Once you pass the line of srimmage player can only throw the backward pass .

Ball carrier Runner are allowed to spin, jump ,juke 


No blocking

No pushing

no tackling

No unsportsmanlike conduct 15 yards penalty 

Yes you can jam for the first 5 yards

Defensive penalties

Offside 5 yard back repeat down

Pass interference -the spot of the foul and automatic first down

Illegal contact (holding, blocking Etc) 10yards

Illegal flag pull before receiver has the ball 10 yard. repeat the down

Interference with opponent or ball at the snap. is a 10 yards. 

Rusher must go for the QB flags only, and can not go for the ball, Any contact with QB is a 10 Yard   

Offensive penalties

Blocking is a 5yard loss repeat down

Delay of game 5yard loss repeat down

False Start 5 yard loss

Illegal snap 5 yard loss

Offensive holding 10yard loss

Offensive pass interference 15yard loss from the original spot of the ball repeat  down.

Flag guarding 15yard loss and loss of down

 You don?t have to rush the quarterback. unless your inside 10 yard zones

You have to have three people on the line before the ball is hiked direct snap or shot gun

Another new rule No flag Guarding lost of down plus 15 yards back from the spot

fumble are live at the spot. recover cant n

not be advanced either offense or defense,except for the Qb on the snap.

Face guarding defense have to see the ball

in the air or turn around and play the ball

choose not to rush the quarterback it is just like a regular play.

The rusher must be 7 yards back of the line of scrimmage.

1st Warning 10 mins cool down. 2nd warning your kick out of the game and you have 2min to leave the Field or your team forfeit the game. These rule do not have to go in order you can be kickout at any time.

If the referee witness any act of flagrant contact tackling elbowing cheap shot blocking or any sportsmanlike act The players involved are kick out of the game and must leave the field. Foul Play will not be tolerated. If you get kick out of the game you have five mins to leave Field or your team will have to forfeit the game.

Trash talking is legal official have the right to determine if the language is offensive to players, officials spectators. First warning is a five mins cool down a second incident player is kick out the game. The official will let team captain know if it will be a 1 week suspension



Good sportsmanship is a requirement of all participants. Players and coaches are to conduct themselves properly at all times. Showtime staff reserves the right to suspend or disqualify individuals or groups for unsportsmanlike conduct The team captain assumes full responsibility for the conduct of their team. Misconduct of players will or can result is assessment of a penalty , ejection or forfeiture of the game.





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