Showtime Flag Football League

Showtime Flag Football


 The most sack in a season.

Matt Hall 22

The Top Receivers.


The Top Quarter Backs.


The Top Rushers.



The Best Team stats

The worst loss

Stadium Over Bsc    86- 33 2007 Doom


The most points scored in a  single game 86 Stadium 2007 Dome


The most TD's in a game  11   Adam Cruse  2007  Dome


Entire Season  Without a Loss  Chariots of Fire  2007  Fall    11-0 ,  11-0 dome  2007 and 12-0 fall 2008  



BraveHeart  Award  Shane Bedwell  Applebees  2007 Fall


Sportsmanship Award   Ross Smith  Stulhmiller Ins 2007 Fall   


Back to Back Champs  Chariots of fire 2007 fall   2007 Winter


The Highest Win/lose % Chariots of Fire    100%  11-0  2007 Fall  Chariots of Fire 12-0 fall 2008


Best Team  Chariots of Fire  33-0 

Defending Champion 2007 , 2007 dome ,2008 Fall  Chariots of Fire




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